Ministering to Our Congregation & Our Community 

Life’s issues are no single-handed feat for any person!  Because God created us to be helpers one to another, we are interdependent.  Everyone’s circumstances, moral compass, experiences, and destiny are uniquely different.  We need each other for instruction in those areas that are new or foreign to us.  Sometimes we need a different perspective, guidance in decision-making and life choices, or a model for growth & maturation.  Victorious Believers Church offers ministries, founded in biblical principles and truths, to address and meet the practical needs of our church family and our neighbors in the community.


Being part of God’s family, we understand the importance of nurturing all members, keeping in mind different groups require unique ministry encounters that are both age and gender appropriate.  That is why Victorious Believers Church offers a Men’s, Women’s, and a Youth Ministry to meet the needs of all members of the family.

Young people are the targets of the enemy, and he has them in his sights.  We are committed to diligently engage, involve, listen to, share and teach our youth how to navigate life in ways that are meaningful to them, and are founded in the profession of our faith in Christ Jesus.  The world seemingly singles out the Christian for being peculiar, but celebrates the rebellious, disrespectful, and belligerent for being “unique”.  It is not our goal to teach conformity, but transformation by the renewing of the mind.

Victorious Believers Women’s Ministry endeavors to address the ever-changing issues women face.  There are some issues common to all women. These issues often challenge women in areas of emotional and spiritual well-being.  We don’t proclaim to have all the answers, but we are armed with the Gospel, love, wise counsel, experience, and information to minister to the seasons, challenges, and practical needs of the Christian woman.

Men are the leaders, the head, according to God’s plan and order.  The Men’s Ministry is focused on equipping men to be strong in the “5 Ps”, as applicable: Priest, Provider, Protector, Partner, and Parent.  Our endeavor is to minister to the needs, questions, challenges and temptations men face.  We believe in righteous living, accountability, and a lifestyle that is consistent within, as well as beyond, the four walls of the church.


There is more to being a Christian than salvation, keeping the Ten Commandments, and avoiding evil. When we accept Christ’s redemption, we should simultaneously accept his Lordship over our lives.  If we want to receive the blessings and every promise God makes, we must be obedient to his Word, biblical principles, and instruction.  As representatives of Christ, we should be people with integrity, and that integrity should be demonstrated in every area of our lives.

Christian Education is practical, proven, and essential teaching for each of us to develop a well-rounded, fulfilled Christian life.  Money management, preparing for home ownership, conflict-resolution, time-management, investing & saving, budgeting, dealing with death, disaster preparedness, health & wellness, establishing credit, etc., are presented for your understanding and mastery.  We must all put forth an effort in working towards that “expected end” God has in store for us.

To the young adult, single by choice or desiring to be married or to the middle-aged or mature, divorced, widowed, estranged or abandoned, we have a ministry tailor-made for you.

You may not be aware that singlehood is one of the best times in life for spiritual growth!  If you are a single parent, never been married, dating but not committed, divorced and considering a new relationship, happy to be single and free, or otherwise, our goal is to meet you at your place of need.  We understand there is a large spectrum of issues that impact you, which is far-reaching and diverse.  So we offer a realistic approach to real issues that are rooted in real bible truths.  Come and receive, share your insight, make yourself accountable, listen and learn from others, glean, and grow!  There is something for you, right here.

Our Marriage Ministry, also called Couples’ Fellowship, focuses on key principles of the marriage covenant as ordained by God.  Husbands and wives, whether your marriage is strong, seemingly stagnant, under duress, brand new, well-seasoned, or simply in a transitional stage, we want to help you strengthen and fortify it.  This ministry focuses on practical solutions to address common and extraordinary issues married couples face.  Like any worthwhile lasting relationship, effort is required from both parties.  Our goal is to equip you with tools to sustain and enrich your life-long relationship.